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The National Poplar Commission of Sweden is part of the International Poplar Commission (IPC). The IPC was formed in 1947 in Paris as a statutory part of the FAO, which in turn is a United Nations agency. At present, the IPC consists of 37 member countries, of which Sweden is one. Every four years, the IPC organizes a congress named "Session". IPC's function includes a variety of activities, further information is found at www.fao.org/forestry/ipc.

The mission of NPC Sweden is defined based on the mission of the international poplar commission and according to the following:

  1. The study of scientific, technical, social and economic aspects of poplar, aspen and willow cultivation;
  2. The promotion of the exchange of ideas and materials between research workers, producers and users;
  3. The arrangement of joint research programs;
  4. The promotion of conferences and study tours; and
  5. The preparation of reports and the formulation of recommendations to FAO and to member governments.


The annual meeting 2017 of the NPC Sweden was held September 14 at and around Ålvikens gård south of the city Trosa. Henrik Söderberg (HS Förvaltning) presented his company and its activities, and Karin Hjelm (The Forestry Research Institute of Sweden, Skogforsk) described recent research activities about establishment of hybrid aspen and poplar. The participants visited two of Henrik’s plantations in the neighbourhood where the use of plastic mulch is an important part of establishment. Photos: L. Rytter and G. Engqvist