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Tree species

International Poplar Commission (IPC) and the National Poplar Commission promotes the use of species in the family Salicaceae. The family Salicaceae includes the two genera Populus and Salix, which are of large interest for Swedish conditions. Within the genus Populus there is one species which is native to our country, aspen (P. tremula), while for Salix there are 36 species which can be regarded as domestic, both tree-shaped species (e.g. S. caprea, S. fragilis) and bush-shaped species (e.g. S. cinerea, S. phylicifolia). The Populus and Salix species are highly valuable for various purposes such as production of biomass and fodder, biodiversity, insect fauna and social aspects.

In addition to the naturally occurring species a large number of imported species and hybrids have been introduced in Sweden. For example, poplars, hybrid aspens and several of the willow clones used in practical farming. The main purpose of these imported species is to produce wood for various purposes, including as an energy source.

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salix hybridasp poppel

The family Salicaceae includes willow (clone Tora, left), hybrid aspen (middle) and poplars of the balsam type (right), which are used, for example, to produce biomass for energy purposes in Sweden. Photos: L. Rytter