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Different poplar species have been introduced in Sweden for a long time. Initial applications were as avenue trees and shelters among others. It is during recent decades that production stands of poplar have been established.

The reason for the increased interest in poplar, especially in southern Sweden, has been the high productivity levels shown. Initially, black poplars were used. They turned out not to meet the demands of the Swedish climate and have therefore been replaced by various types of balsam poplars.

The present poplar cultures are dominated by a unique clone, registered as OP42. It is a cross between Populus trichocarpa and Populus maximowiczii, two representatives of the balsam poplar section. In recent years, a clone mixture (12 different clones), where OP42 is one of them, has been developed for commercial use. The main cultivation focus has so far been as a source for energy purposes. Work is underway that will give a more hardy poplar material intended for central and northern Sweden. In addition, clones under the name of Snowtiger are also available for the northern part of the country.

poplar plant

Poplar plants are often produced as rooted stem cuttings. Photo: L. Rytter