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Current research

IPC. A summary (Take Home Messages) of research on fast-growing hardwood species presented during the 25 IPC session in Berlin in September 2016 is found on the IPC homepage. Read here.

OPTUS – Optimized utilisation of Salix. About alternative uses of Salix wood as raw material in production of biofuels and novel bio-chemicals. Read more here.

CLAP – Climate-Adapted Poplar through more efficient breeding and better tools for matching genotype and site. Read more here.

SAMBA - Salix Molecular Breeding Actions. Read more here.

ECOLINK-Salix - Linking individual plant traits to ecosystem processes using a willow model system. Read more here.

ENERWOODS – a joint Nordic project aiming at strengthen the role of Nordic forestry as a contributor to the development of competitive and renewable energy systems. Read more here.

A new doctoral thesis about poplar cultivation "Establishment and Early Management of Populus Species in Southern Sweden" was defended by Rebecka Mc Carthy on Friday 20 May 2016 at 13.00 at SLU in Alnarp (room Västan, Agricum). Link to the thesis.