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Cultivation of willows, aspens and poplars is based on high productivity levels and short rotation times. This means that the plant material is of utmost importance. But equally important is the establishment and functioning of the plants. It is necessary that they do not encounter competition from weeds, remain injury-free, and can start quickly.

Therefore, much of the current resources are spent on developing cost-efficient establishment systems. Tested factors are the plant type to be used, i.e. cuttings or rooted seedlings, cutting length and also soil preparation.

Soil preparation techniques currently being tested are mulch on agricultural land and various forms of scarification on forest land. Since the establishment of a stand is expensive and also comes early in the rotation cycle, it strongly influences the future economic outcome.

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On farmland mulch is tested to improve and shorten the establishment phase. The photo shows a long poplar cutting planted in ground covering plastic. Photo: L. Rytter