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The Board of NPC Sweden

The board of the Poplar Commission shall represent research activities as well as commercial activities and authorities for the genera Populus and Salix. This means that representatives of the various activities should be included. The Board shall consist of a chairman and at least 3, but no more than 8, ordinary members and no more than 2 deputies.

The term of office is 1 year for the chairman and 2 years for other board members and deputies. The term of office runs from an annual meeting to the next annual meeting.

Currently, the following persons are elected to the Board:

- Lars Rytter, The Forestry Research Institute of Sweden, chairman (Lars.Rytter@skogforsk.se)
- Anki Rönnberg-Wästljung, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (Anki.Wastljung@slu.se)
- Gabriele Engqvist (gabriele.engqvist@gmail.com)
- Per Hazell, The Swedish Forest Agency (per.hazell@skogsstyrelsen.se)
- Bo Nilsson, Häckeberga Manor (Bo.Nilsson@hackeberga.se)
- Mauritz Ramstedt, research consultant (Mauritz.Ramstedt@mail.com)
- Nils Fahlvik, The Forestry Research Institute of Sweden (Nils.Fahlvik@skogforsk.se)